Offshore Formations

Ajman Offshore Company Formations

An AJMAN Offshore Company is incorporated in a very quick process and can take only one day if everything is in order and on receipt of the documents and forms. The shareholders can set up the business with or without physical present in Ajman Free Zone or with POA to LBS.


    • No requirement for audited financial statements.
    • No disclosure of beneficial owner to Registrar only, to registered agent.
    • Register of directors and members not public information, only to the Registrar.
    • As yet we do not act as nominee shareholder or director but this can be addressed on a case by case basis
    • The Director, Secretary and Shareholder can be one person

Great benefits, easy to start and great value for you.

Key facts about an Ajman Offshore Company

The name of the Company needs to end with the words Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Unlimited or abbreviated Ltd, Corp, Inc or SA. Names will not be approved if the name resembles that of any other offshore company already registered.

This can be any amount of any denomination
Officers of the company

  • Director – can be a sole director
  • Shareholder – can be a sole shareholder
  • Secretary – can be a sole secretary if our
    nominee service is not required
  • One Activity to General Trading
  • Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Holding Company
  • Shipping and Ship Management Company
  • Investments and Joint Investments Company
  • Asset Protection
  • Property Owning-Company can hold a Property in Ajman
  • Commission Agents Company
  • Professional Services
  • International Services

Common Purposes

No income or capital or inheritance taxes

Can hold a bank account in the UAE

A shareholder can be a resident of the UAE

May own yachts registered in the UAE (this is still under negotiation)

Trading outside of the UAE

Provides 100% safe proof option to avoid Sharia’s law (the Islamic inheritance law)

Our Packages

Basic Package

Offshore set up – (Government fees and LBS fees)

– without bank account registration.

AED 11.900.-

Premium Package

Offshore set up – (Government fees and LBS fees)

– with bank account registration.

AED 14.900.-

Annual Renewal –  AED 7.300.-
Company Maintenance – AED 7,300.-

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Documents required

(please prepare everything so we can set you up fast and easy)

  1. Passport copy of Shareholder, Director and Secretary
  2. Original utility bill or telephone bill- showing residential
  3. Original bank reference letter for each party or bank statement
  4. The shareholder will need to sign 3 copies of the
    Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation (the original is required for processing)
  5. Forms for completion
  6. Name application
  7. Company Application
  8. Consent of Director
  9. Consent of Secretary
  10. Consent of Shareholder


The original of all the above forms will be required to be signed and returned

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