Tourism and Tour Operator

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Tourism and Tour Operator.

We have a great opportunity for a tourism and tour operator in the UAE, Now a Free Zone company can operate tour in the UAE with no objection. Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) give the license to operate in the UAE which includes Transportation, Accommodation, Food,  Visit to Museums, cultural sites and musical or sporting events.

The cost of the license would be :

Details Price
0VISA AED 11,500
1 VISA AED 16,600
2 VISAS AED 18,200
3 VISAS AED 19,800
4 VISAS AED 21,400
5 VISAS AED 23,000
6 VISAS AED 24,600
**Each additional Activity @ AED 2000, Immigration Card AED 1,500


Investor AED 3,500
Employee AED 3,080

Excluding Medical Checkup and Emirates ID.


Guarantee Fee: 5,100

Registration Fee: 2,100

Renewal : AED 1,100

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